My Name is Ronald A. Anderson,
I’m a Republican and Businessman.

 I lost my steelbusiness of 30 years because of the economy, so I know what it’s like to lose.


It’s time we all come together whether you’re a Democrat or Republican.  It’s time we fix the problem. The system is clearly broken and we the people are losing because of Democrat policies, we need to make a stand NOW, tomorrow may be too late. We have all lost something and each day we are losing more. I want everyone of you to look at your paycheck. California citizens pay out a lot on taxes and we are not getting our money’s worth.  We are loosing. It’s time we start to WIN. I want YOU to vote for me and we can turn the table’s in our favor, keep taxes low, make more money and most importantly we’ll save more money for the future. We’ll be much happier. But I need your help, so we can all WIN this.

We all need a safe and sane way of life, we don’t need to be intimidated while going out to dinner with our friends or just going out for a walk. Life seemed much more enjoyable before. Robbing, vandalizing, burning stores and injuring people, like what’s been going on lately is unheard of, it’s craziness and this hurts the entire community. I know that as your Governor, I will help change our lives for the better. Let’s fix this mess, let’s start Now!!

I’m Ronald A. Anderson for Governor of California

We all deserve better, whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, I need your VOTE. For the betterment and quality of life for all of our people. Join me and let’s work together.



Ladies and Gentlemen, California Patriots

We are all in need of real quality help. I don’t see anyone saying a thing about we the people are going to get any real help from the destruction that crippled California. Gavin Newsom turned his back on us all. It has been said that all the Democrat Governors and Mayors throughout the country were told by the Obama administration to do nothing and let them Riot and destroy our towns by burning and looting. Gavin Newsom told the police force to hold back ( Stand Down ) and they did. But why would a person who is supposed to protect us turn his back on us all? This is Domestic Violence and a Terrorist act that has been going on.

Ronald A. Anderson will fix this problem.




On Tuesday, November 8, 2022,
Vote for Ronald A. Anderson for Governor.

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